Thursday, July 31, 2008

okay...i finished mark's he wants it for his birthday instead...August 21st...i'm going to have to think of something else for his x.mas present...i knitted him a scarf years ago which he lost so i think that i'll knit him up onto my next project...maybe i'll knit up ben's hat then that will be out of the way...or maybe i'll finish some socks...who knows???

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ahmiclake said...

Na you didnt say socks. That must of been a mistake! LOL...that would mean that you would have to complete a pair. Just think how good you would feel if you finally completed one full pair.
Btw....has Ricky considered modeling? Motorcycles, music, modeling? All of his interests begin with M. Just thought he could add that to his list of interests. He makes such a good model.